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Leadership Branding: How to begin, and how to win

When a business leader speaks, their words will inevitably be connected back to the brand they represent. Some executives and entrepreneurs are caught off-guard by this phenomenon, surprised to experience backlash on social media after making a comment that diverges from their organisation’s brand image.

Of course, the connection between one’s personal social media account and their professional reputation can also bring numerous advantages. A well-run social media campaign can do wonders for leadership branding, while also reflecting positively on the corporate brand with which the leader is affiliated.

Still, success in this realm is easy to envision but hard to achieve. Personal messaging feels discordant when it strikes a vastly different note than the organisation’s official channels, but equally unnatural when it too neatly copies the tone and content of the corporate brand.

Our social media agency in Bangkok, Thailand has assembled a few key tips below, to help you thread this needle and succeed at your next leadership branding effort.


Finding your purpose

Leadership branding is all about identifying and highlighting your professional purpose. Start by reminding yourself what you do, who you do it for, and the value you bring to your customers.

Next, focus your message. You can’t be everything to everybody, so decide which group of people you are attempting to reach with your online presence, and which core messages you’re trying to get across.

By deciding on these parameters, you’ll establish a genuine market niche for your leadership branding efforts.


Developing an online persona

Yet questions of tone and personality remain. Consider the tension between personal and professional worlds; brands tend to be strict and conservative with how they are presented, while such rigidity feels unnatural when applied to people.

On social media, being authentic and interesting is everything – and so leadership branding should aspire to balance the values of the organisation with the excitement and adventurousness of blazing a new trail.

The best method of achieving this balance is to embody your organisation’s values while expressing them in a way which is creative, enthusiastic, and most importantly, human. This personal approach will help people genuinely connect with your message, making you more discoverable, shareable, and memorable. Of course, as you become more successful as an influencer, the larger corporate brand will also see significant benefits.


Final thoughts

Lastly, before posting, reflect on your own professional path. Where do you want to go in life? What kind of influence would you like to have? What do you wish to be remembered for? Social media posts may seem ephemeral, but they stay in people’s collective memory and build reputations that endure. Publish only words and images that are consistent with the way you’d like to be known in the future.

Although personal branding can sometimes feel like walking a tightrope, business leaders that communicate effectively will win both the affection and the trust of their followers.

If you’d like to stand out in a crowded professional landscape, our leading digital marketing agency in Bangkok, Thailand can help. Contact Lexicon today to get started.