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Do not ever put this in your resume

The Business Insider published a great article on what the modern resume looks like; more importantly, what you definitely must never include. 

I have picked my favourite Top 25 of the 34 things mentioned in the article. And have added some additional advice and comments. 
Go to the full blog article right away and see all 25 don’ts. Get the 25 now, here.
But a little taste of what you will see on the list
1. Don't lie  - but OK to leave out irrelevant experience and information.
2. Putting your age on your resume could be a hindrance (read: age discrimination)
3. You don't need to write P H O N E before showing your mobile/cell number.
4. Your resume is not the place for headers, footers, tables, images, or charts.
5. Don't include your boss' name on your resume. Or references.
1. The resume is not the place to disclose salary information. Full stop.
2. Don't use an old-fashioned font like Times New Roman. Terrible.
3. Don't reveal your reasons for leaving your company.
4. Keep photos of yourself off your resume. OFF, yes, yes.
5. The resume is the place for facts, not opinions.
Continue reading and get the other 15 things to never ever show: Get them now, here.
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