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Do you know what a hands-off list is in recruitment?

When you let a recruiter into your company, you also give access to names and relationships of your key employees. Be warned!

Asking you, what if the same recruitment firm, now holding names and contact details of your key staff, later tries to headhunt one of them to your biggest competitor?

Surprised, angry, upset? All of the above?

This scenario is one of two things you must know about the hands-off lists.

The other scenario? Let’s assume you want to headhunt one of the Vice Presidents now working for your competitor.

When you engage with the recruitment company or executive search firm, ask them which companies in your industry they cannot approach for candidates.

Because your competitor may already be a client of the recruiter and therefore contractually blocked from fishing there for candidates.

Protect yourself from sleazy recruitment cowboys

How do you protect yourself from a recruiter coming back to fish for your best staff, because when you earlier used their service, they had access to your organization and now know who’s who?

And second, how do you protect yourself from the same recruiter trying to headhunt the very same candidate they placed at your company three years ago?

Hands-Off lists explained with text for recruitment agreements

Read the full blog here and get the text that you must insist become part of the agreement with your recruiter. 

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