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3 Marketing Lessons to Learn from Squid Game


As Netflix’s most successful show, Squid Game attracted more than 142 million viewers within its first month alone.

In a sense, the show is formulaic, gimmicky entertainment. Yet it is also more than that, and our digital agency in Bangkok has identified three crucial marketing lessons that it has to teach viewers who pay close attention. Not only do these lessons overlap with some of our own core marketing strategies, theyalso offer valuable insight into the inner workings of the marketing world. (Warning: Spoilers ahead.)


Prepare and execute a winning strategy

As with any kind of competition, a well-thought-out strategy is the key to success in Squid Game, giving players a competitive edge over their rivals.

Episode 4 of Squid Game highlights this point well. Facing a tougher opponent in the Tug-of-War game, the old man devises a winning strategy for his team. His idea includes the careful positioning of each player, precise allocation of body weight, and the right timing of each pull – resulting in his team’s eventual victory.

In today’s complex business world, everyone enters the “game” with different levels of assets and attributes. To stand out from the crowd, you’ll need to leverage the limited resources you have, through proper execution of the right strategy. When done correctly, your business can allocate its resources for maximum benefit, pulling in more revenue and leaving your competitors scrambling.


Establish your authority

The glass bridge game in Episode 7 seemed impossible to beat, until one contestant revealed that he could detect a visual difference between normal and tempered glass – even though the two seem identical to most people. He also added that he “worked at a glass factory for 30 years”, and proceeded with two successful jumps onto the tempered glass. The other contestants, in awe, quickly followed suit behind his leadership.

Notice how the contestant first makes a claim of expertise, then proceeds to demonstrate by example? In marketing, this is called establishing your authority. By using testimonials and case studies to prove that you’ve solved similar problems in the past, your business can position itself as a trustworthy guide to help your customers achieve success.


Maintain a culture of creativity

In a digital world flooded with content, creativity is the best way to differentiate yourself from your competitors. By standing out in all the right ways, your business can boost its marketing ROI and increase its customer base.

Episode 3 of Squid Game perfectly conveys how creativity can lead to success. The protagonist unfortunately chooses to carve the umbrella shape – the hardest of all the options – out of the honeycomb. Instead of using a metal pin to carve it like everyone else, he licks the reverse side of the honeycomb to melt it – allowing him to simply pop out the umbrella shape with ease.

By constantly thinking outside the box, businesses can find different ways of tapping into the needs and wants of their target audience. Original content is always a breath of fresh air, and a well-executed creative strategy will be appreciated by potential customers – just like the Squid Game series itself, which dominated the global viewership charts for 29 consecutive days.


Get ready to step up your marketing game

Today’s businesses need not enter the “battlefield” blindly like the contestants in Squid Game. With proper marketing direction and execution, any company will be able to “win the game”.

However, the unpredictable nature of the business world means that surviving and thriving is anything but easy. The top digital agency in Bangkok can help you develop a well-planned and well-executed marketing strategy, letting your business overcome each obstacle and reach lasting marketing success.