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Tom Sorensen Recruitment (Thailand) Co., Ltd.


Online assessment to learn work behaviour of candidates and staff

Understanding your own Personality Profile - and your coworkers’ profiles - can be a massive advantage to you in your career. So will an assessment of candidates before you decide who to hire. Or who gets a promotion in your team.

When you recruit people for your organizations or work with Personal Improvement Programs, Team Alignment Projects, or Employee Conflict Resolutions, the value of knowing someone’s Personality and Cognitive Profiles will provide tremendous insight into the needs and motivational factors of the candidates or employees.

Being the Team Manager, Project Leader, or just a colleague, you can work with them more effectively and what kind of traps and pitfalls they have a tendency to fall into.


Reference Profiles Explained
After a thorough analysis of millions of personality assessments, the Predictive Index Science Team identified 17 “Reference Profiles” that create a behavioral map for different types of people.


Which of the 17 Profiles are you?
Knowing this can be a massive advantage in your career. Read more about each of the 17 Reference Profiles in one of my previous blog posts. Read here.


HR and Hiring Managers: Contact me for a demo
Get yourself updated on the most advanced analysis on-line tool in the market and learn how the PI features can boost your leadership skills and management objectives.

Anyone with an interest in people, and what leader would not, should contact me now to learn how your organization can benefit from the fastest growing assessment tools company in the world. My contact details here.

Tom Sorensen is an Associate Partner of Humanostics, a PI Certified Elite Partner, and authorised to use the science and assessment software of The Predictive Index®.


About The Predictive Index™ 


The Predictive Index offers talent optimization software, workshops, and expert consulting.

The Psychometric and Cognitive Assessment tools from PI come from The Predictive Index® that was founded more than 60 years ago in Boston, USA. 

With more than 25 million people assessed since the launch, a validity vault of 350+ studies, and EEOC adherence, PI® assessments add scientifically validated objectivity to your subjective judgement.

Contact me now to learn how your organization can benefit from the fastest growing assessment tools company in the world. My contact details here.


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Why do groups struggle to work together? Why is it so difficult to motivate employees to work at their max capacity to achieve business goals?