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Bumrungrad Basic Kidney Screening


Kidney disease is one of several common causes of premature death owing to the important role the organ plays in helping to maintain balance of minerals and fluids within the body, as well as handling foreign substances and medications.

Reasons why kidney screening is important:

  • Kidney disease is preventable.
  • Carrying out a kidney disease risk assessment to check for high-risk factors enables prevention, which is considered better than treatment.
  • Early-stage kidney disease tends not to present any symptoms, so many people are unaware of its presence and miss the chance to have their condition treated at the outset.
  • Treating kidney conditions at the outset can slow the advancement of the illness more effectively than treating the issue once it has already taken a firm hold.
  • Slowing down the damage caused at the outset can delay the need to undergo dialysis or renal transplant.   

4,550 THB

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