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Bangkok: Fri 3-Apr-2020 03:18 (UTC+7)
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Special offer on the Kaviari caviar by Thammachart Seafood Retail Co., Ltd.

At Thammachart Seafood the health and safety of our customers are very important We want you to be safe and let us deliver you the finest seafood available at home.

We would like to propose to BCCT members a special offer on the Kaviari caviar range for the month of April & May 2020:

You will find bellow the list of Caviar available & the customer we are serving with this brand in Bangkok.

  1. Kaviari Kristral 100g - Michelin star chef , Restaurant Ducasse.
  2. Kaviari Kristal 50g – Michelin star chef, Normandie , Mandarin Oriental
  3. Kaviari Kristral 30g - Michelin star chef, Restaurat Suhring

Kaviari works with most of the Michelin stars chefs in the world.

During this Covid-19 period we want you to feel safe but eat well on the same time.  That why we created a special code for  your embassy & your friend to

Use on our website :   è Promo code : EMBASSY



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