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Dear BCCT members

The Advocacy Working Group would like to inform you that the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) is now gathering public opinion on its proposal for a single power tariff rate.

From September 2021 until December 2022, Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) subsidized the price of electricity for households and businesses which causes the loss of 150 billion baht. In order to support EGAT to be able to completely clear its losses, the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) proposed three possible tariff rate options including a public hearing. The details are as follows.

Duration: Public Hearing is from 10 – 20 March 2023
Implementation: May-August 2023

Current power tariff rate

  • Business: 5.33 THB per unit
  • Households: 4.72 THB per unit

The proposed tariff rates (May-August 2023) which are similar for business and household are 3 options as follows.

  • 4.77 THB per unit
  • 4.84 THB per unit
  • 6.72 THB per unit

The public hearing is on the website as the link below.

Every option impacts the increase of electricity bills for households. For business, there is only one option (6.72 THB per unit) that is higher than the current rate. For the benefit of your business, you could share your thoughts on the platform. ERC will collect and analyze people’s opinions to find the best solution.