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The audited BCCT Accounts for 2022 and the 2022 Annual Report have both been loaded onto the BCCT website for members to access via the links in the AGM agenda below.

Please attend the AGM and luncheon presentation in person. We have two excellent speakers.

If you haven’t yet done so please take a few moments to vote in the board election and on proposed amendments to the BCCT constitution. On Friday 13th January a Hustings Webinar with all 9 candidates for election to 7 positions presenting for 2 minutes. The record of the Hustings may be accessed here:

Please also carefully study each candidate's profile before voting. Members that are eligible to vote will receive the invitation from the "Election Runner" system or click on the voting link

Election Runner is a very easy, confidential online voting system. It takes less than 1 minute to vote. If you need a link to vote please contact –    


The BCCT Annual General Meeting (AGM) will take place from 11.00 am to 2.00 pm (with a break for luncheon) on Thursday 26th January 2023 at the Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit. 

Voting will be conducted online confidentially using ‘Election Runner’ as per the 2021 and 2022 elections. Direct from ‘Election Runner’, the main representative in each member company will receive an invitation to vote. The voting is open once you have received the invitation. Deadline is 12.30pm on Thursday 26th January. 

All documents are to be posted on BCCT website or via e-mail from -

  1. To approve the draft minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on Thursday 27th January 2022 (access here
  2. To receive the 2022 Annual Report (access here
  3. To adopt the 2022 Accounts (access here in English and
  4. To discuss and vote on proposed changes to the BCCT Constitution (access here
  5. To appoint an auditor for 2023
  6. Any other business

There will be a ‘hustings’ webinar on Thursday 13th January from 11.00am - 12.00pm. A ‘hustings’ is a ‘meeting at which candidates in an election address potential voters’ or ‘the campaigning associated with an election’. The candidates for election to the BCCT board of Directors will each deliver a 2-minute presentation 


There are 9 candidates for election to the 7 available positions on the BCCT's Board of Directors for 2023. All 7 elected will serve 2 year terms.

Member can vote a minimum of 3 candidates and a maximum of 7 candidates from the 9 nominees to be elected to the BCCT board of directors. One vote per member company. 

Click here to view profiles. 

  1. CHRIS CRACKNELL - Chairman, Grant Thornton
  2. NAVARERK KAEWPHADEE - Vice President – Global Corporate and Investment Banking, Bank of America, N.A.
  3. DEAN THOMPSON - Regional Managing Director (Asia), Boots Retail (Thailand) Ltd
  4. GARETH DAVIES - Partner, DDX
  5. ANNEMARIEKE DE HAAN - General Manager Home Care Southeast Asia and Head of Country Thailand, Unilever Thai Trading Limited
  6. DONNA MOOLMAN - Head of Finance SE Asia, Lucy Electric (Thailand) Limited
  7. PHILIP AUSTIN BOND - Partner and Head of Tax, PKF in Thailand
  8. PINYAPA SOMPONG - Managing Partner, TWLS Company Limited
  9. PHINNIPHA SURIYONG - Managing Director, APlus Career Recruitment Co., Ltd

The results of the election will be announced at the close of the meeting to ensure fairness, the order in which 2023 BCCT Board candidates are listed above was determined by the BCCT Membership staff randomly drawing names out of a hat.