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Extend your South-East Asian footprint to Indonesia
1-2-1 meeting opportunities, exclusively for BCCT Corporate members. 

Chris Wren, Executive Director of BritCham Indonesia will be in Bangkok and available to meet BCCT members with British interests on Friday 2 December, from midday to 3.30pm (30 minutes slot) at BCCT office, 23rd Floor, M-Thai Tower, All Season Place on Wireless Road. 

There are only 8 slots available - request your slot by clicking HERE (reply with links to your company website and timing preference) or email 

Your success in Indonesia is assured if you embrace the best ecosystem for market access and on-going guidance.

BritCham Indonesia has that fully comprehensive eco-system.

The size of Indonesia means that there are opportunities across all sectors. However, the following sectors are currently particularly attractive:

  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Manufacturing & Technology
  • Niche Technology
  • Professional Services
  • Digital
  • Food, Beverage, and Retail

As you already have a South-East Asia footprint and if you are serious about exploring extending that footprint to Indonesia -trade or investment- Chris would be happy to meet you for an introductory chat as a pre-cursor to BritCham business service support for market entry.

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