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Sent (UTC) 06-Oct-2020, 08:30
Subject The Road to Net Zero Survey

The British Chamber of Commerce in Singapore in conjunction with Britain in South East Asia has created a survey focusing on sustainable activities. On World Earth Day in April this year, they launched their Road to Net Zero theme, encompassing a series of webinars, business outreach, interviews, podcast episodes and thought leadership articles to position the important discussions around COP26 in a commercially relevant understanding for our members. Since launch, close to 2,000 people have actively chosen to engage with their net zero activities with the broader member network kept updated with all the opportunities. Live conversations, and permanent content are made available to members across the region on their new central information portal

The Britain in South East Asia (BiSEA) network’s next step is a regional business outreach. This week, we are launching a Road to Net Zero survey across eight markets, asking businesses in each country network to tell us how they prioritise sustainability, if they are working towards carbon targets, publishing Sustainability Reports, and how the pandemic has impacted their efforts. The results of this outreach is expected to be published in early November, one year ahead of the COP26 dialogue being co-hosted by the UK in 2021.

Our ask of you: please share this survey link with the most relevant person in your organisation, or if you are based elsewhere in the S.E.A region with colleagues in each country, so that we can gather valuable insights to continue these conversations on a larger scale. The survey can be found at and closes on 16th October. Organisations outside of our BiSEA member network in the business community of each SEA country listed in the survey's initial questions are encouraged to also participate.

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