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Chlaad Research & Insights

Chlaad Research & Insights
Address: 124 City Road

City: London
Post Code: EC1V 2NX
Country: United Kingdom
Phone Number: ++44 07423 427 161
General Email: [members only]
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We are Chlaad – a Thailand focused Marketing Insights Consultancy. We have been delivering actionable insights and strategies for clients looking to grow their business since 2016.

Our name is taken from the Thai word ฉลาด (C̄hlād) which translates as intelligent, wise, clever, smart, discerning, brilliant and that is what we aspire to be in everything we do.

We have the experience and capabilities to collect the data needed to inform your decision making, whether it is conducting focus groups in Bangkok, face to face surveys in Isaan or in-depth interviews with C-Suite executives globally. This data is then leveraged by our experienced insight and consulting professionals to deliver Evidence Led Consulting – building strategies and delivery plans to achieve client goals and optimise success in Thailand and beyond.

All fieldwork completed in Thailand is done by Thai nationals and native speakers. This allows us to navigate the societal nuances and customs in this amazing country. We get a clear understanding of potential barriers and identify solutions that succeed in the ‘real world’.

The wider Chlaad (ฉลาด) team has several truly bi-lingual (Thai and English) professionals which allows us to ensure the insights and strategies will be successful in ‘real Thailand’. We have consultants with a great deal of experience across a wide variety of areas including market research, insights, visualisation, strategy formulation and complete change transformation work.

Across Chlaad (ฉลาด) we have worked with some of the biggest brands and companies in the world, but also with startups, NGOs and charities to help them define and deliver success. We work with clients both inside and outside Thailand across all sectors and methodologies. We are relentlessly focused on achieving our clients' goals by delivering data, insights and strategies that are bespoke to the communities and culture they work with.
Products or Services
Market Research
Data Analysis & Insights
Marketing Analysis
Marketing Services
Business Advisory
Strategy Formulation
Delivery & Implementation
Change Management
51% Thai
49% British
Senior Management
Mr. Neil James – Head of Research & Insight

Ms. Ladda Tisanthia – Head of Project Delivery

Mr. Rishi Gohill – Head of Strategy & Delivery
BCCT Member Company since 2023


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