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Olive Training Consultants Ltd.

Olive Training Consultants Ltd.
Address: 147/514 Moobaan Rungarun 3
Soi 8/1L, Hang Dong
City: Chiang Mai
Post Code: 50230
Country: Thailand
Phone Number: +66 0870748407
General Email:
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Employee development and cross-cultural communications training and consultation experts. We understand how effective training solutions positively affect an organization’s revenue, wellbeing and people development and our team takes a comprehensive approach to individual client needs. Based in Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand, we can bring our services directly to your organisation’s premises or suitable training venues close by, wherever you are located globally.
Products or Services
Cross-Cultural Communications training and consultation.
We are licenced partners with the UK’s CultureActive team, part of the Richard Lewis Communications group giving our clients unique access to their award-winning suite of online cultural assessment tools for companies, International schools, global organisations and independent professionals working internationally. Used by business leaders, professionals, politicians, diplomats and academics in industry groups, education and the resource sector.

Employee Training and Development.
Olive Training Consultants have the capability and experience to deliver a wide and eclectic range of training and development programmes which have all been thoroughly tested and proven in various sectors. Materials are contextualized to ensure relevance and a connection with all participants. We recognise people have different preferred learning styles and therefore we ensure all these are catered for at the design stage.

Training Consultation.
We work with you to fully grasp your training and development needs and tie these to the experience and skills of our highly qualified training consultants. We also ensure we understand your organisation’s culture and core values and how these fit with your organisational developmental goals. Just some of our training consultations include:
• Bespoke Training Programme Design (for your own facilitation or for Olive Trainers to deliver for you).
• Setting Up a Training Department. If you are considering investing in training or even creating your own in-house training department or arming your HR department with an employee competence matrix, we will be able to assist or guide you through the process.
• Implementing an INSET (in-service training) Programme.
• Delivering Departmental Workshops.
• Specific subject or language training guidance.
• Organisation and Employee Competence Mapping.
• Cross-Cultural Communications.
• Developing and delivery of Company Onboarding programmes.
Richard Lewis Communications,
Senior Management
Colin Harlow
Chonticha Harlow
Board of Directors
Colin Harlow
Chonticha Harlow
Owen Harlow
BCCT Member Company since 2022


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