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Property & Infrastructure

The BCCT Property & Infrastructure (P&I) Group’s mission is to support and advance BCCT work in relation to P&I; to organize quality events of interest to members at a reasonable cost; and to compile reports on market developments.

The group holds quarterly meetings at which events are planned for each quarter. Five events were organized in 2016 and well attended. The following have taken place in 2016:

The P&I Group has also supplied various reports on the P&I sector for members which are posted on the BCCT website. 

The planned events for 2017 are as follows: 

Other possible topic areas and events for 2017 

Group Members

Member's Name   Organization
Mr. Ali Adam Arcadia (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Mr. Dennis Hemsin Bangkok International Associates Ltd.
Mr. Tad Fon Kho British Embassy
Mr. Greg Watkins British Chamber of Commerce Thailand
Mr. Jason Simpson ChairOve Arup (Thailand) Limited
Mr. Ian Hamilton Colliers International Thailand
Mr. John Mugford Meinhardt (Thailand) Ltd.