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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Until the Tsunami in December 2004, BCCT concentrated its charitable work through the British Community in Thailand Foundation for the Needy (BCTFN), organisers of the Annual Ploenchit Fair. Since then the BCCT Board of Directors have determined that charitable donations should focus largely (but not exclusively) on children and/or education and that funds should come only from the proceeds of auctions or raffles at the Annual Christmas Luncheon and sporting functions.

Donations in 2011

BCCT has developed a partnership with UK police's Child Exploitation and On-line Protection Centre (CEOP) in order to engage with the business community in Thailand in order to raise awareness and educate communities in which member companies operate. Working together CEOP and BCCT developed a corporate engagement plan and then a Memorandum of Understanding which was signed at the first child protection conference in Bangkok in 2010. In 7 March 2011 BCCT and CEOP jointly organized a Child Protection Workshop.

On 25th October 2011, a new animated film jointly developed by CEOP and BCCT was officially launched by the British Ambassador. Entitled "The Tales of Mai and Tam: Mai and Tam Take Control", the film has been created in Thai and English and focuses on issues of child trafficking and sexual abuse by someone outside the family. It was developed with sponsorship from the British Council, Shrewsbury International School, Property Care Services and Spirit of Soccer. The challenge for 2012 will be to ensure the most effective and widespread distribution of the film.

CSR Initiatives

Group Members

Member's Name   Organization
Mr. Simon Matthews ManpowerGroup Thailand
Mr. Greg Watkins British Chamber of Commerce Thailand