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Travel & Tourism

Under the Chairmanship of David Cumming the Travel and Tourism committee was very active in 2016 with a regular series of meetings and events both in Bangkok and in the provinces. Events held in 2016 were: 

At each event there was in excess of 60 members in attendance and over 200 at the luncheon with the Minister of Sports and Tourism, to hear about developments in Thailand Tourism Sector. 

The mission and main focus areas of the group for 2017 will lie in the following main areas: 

Mission: The Travel and Tourism Group will aim to continue provide a platform for the members of BCCT involved in this field to facilitate communication and business opportunities by linking and driving communication between Thailand and the UK tourist sectors. The goal is to enhance Thailand’s overall tourist and travel experience by helping it to maintain a competitive advantage relative to neighboring alternative destinations in S.E. Asia while assisting all sector related businesses to capitalize on the ever increasing Thailand tourist market. 

The main areas of focus for the group in 2017 will be: 

In addition the aim of the group for 2017 is to complete an article for members twice yearly while also providing 6 major travel and tourism events; these may take the form of: 

Group Members

Member's Name   Organization
Mr. Tom Bishop Vice ChairDTC Travel Co., Ltd.
Mr. Trevor Allen Epicure Catering Co., Ltd.
Mr. Hamish Keith Exotissimo Travel Co., Ltd.
Mr. Greg Watkins British Chamber of Commerce Thailand