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Bangkok: Wed 19-Jun-2019 13:47 (UTC+7)

Digital Technology Group (DTG)

The Digital Technology Group was formed in 2016 to help members both understand and use current digital technology to benefit their business. The group contains members with a wide range of expertise to help ensure that we can help with most member queries.

The group under the Chairmanship of Paul Phenix has met on a monthly basis since August 2016 and has also had a meeting with John Griffith from the Department for International Trade (Technology) to discuss promoting British technologies and services within Thailand.

The group has prepared a survey for members to gather thoughts on members understanding of available digital services and their interests. 

The mission and main focus areas of the group for 2017 will lie in the following main areas: 

Mission: The Digital Technology Group will aim to provide a platform for the members of BCCT to facilitate an understanding of the digital technologies and services available both in Thailand and the UK. The goal is to ensure BCCT members gain competitive advantages through the use of digital technologies and to promote British expertise in this field to companies in Thailand in all business sectors 

The main areas of focus for the group in 2017 will be:

- To work with the members in order to help drive the success of British expertise in Digital Technologies
- Organise at least 4 events based around Digital Technology to give members an insight into technologies available with case studies to demonstrate successful implementation of digital technologies.
- Education through actively encouraging members to ask questions by emailing the BCCT. We also encourage members to submit ideas for briefings and panel discussions.
- Maintain a strong dialogue with UK based UKTI technology representatives with an aim of promoting British digital expertise and services 

In addition the aim of the group for 2017 is to complete articles and white papers on current and new digital technologies for members throughout the year.

The group also invites members to join from within Bangkok and members outside Bangkok. As a digital group we can use video conferencing to allow members outside of Bangkok to take part in meetings. The group also intends to make briefings outside the BCCT offices available by video where possible.

Interesting News from this week's meeting:

A global competition in search of breakthrough ideas of innovation and disruption in order to rapidly transform and mend the intended gap in any ASEAN country.
The competition comes with the prize of USD100,000.

Leads up to GECommunity2017


Group Members

Member's Name   Organization
Mr. Chris Thatcher -Anglo-Thai Legal Co., Ltd.
Mr. Robert Marchant --
Mr. David C. Quine -YES Technologies (Thailand) Co Ltd
Ms. Nipapat Hamilton -British Embassy
Mr. Chakrit Wongsakornraksa TRANSEARCH Executive Search Co., Ltd.
Mr. Gareth Davies -Fluxus (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Mr. Michael Wucherer --