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Objectives: To promote the BCCT within the Western Seaboard, Centred around Hua Hin, to recruit new members and to act as an interface for Western Seaboard members to interact and work with Bangkok Members.

Activities in 2022

We organised and hosted 3 Multi Chamber Networking events in Hua Hin, with each event drawing around 70 guests. We have recruited a number of new members. We have encouraged Western Seaboard members to actively attend T3 Events in Bangkok and have supported with sharing of transportation to make it easier to get Members up to Bangkok.

Events Planned for 2023

We have already had the first networking event on the 17th of January, with an exceptionally good turnout. We have 3 other Networking events planned in April, July and October, on the 2nd Friday of the month.

Based on feedback from the events, we will start to introduce an introduction system for people in advance of the event to request a formal introduction to any another attendees.

We will also implement the new badge system we have been working on to clearly show, BCCT Members, Other Chamber Members and Guests, to allow easier networking and for people to more easily interact with other.

We plan to trial a ‘Mini Event’ , for local members and for Bangkok members, with a more formal sit down dinner and an after dinner speaker, if this format is successful, we will start to work these into the event calendar. Either at this event, or at another one we would like to invite down the British Ambassador to meet some of the local members.

We will continue to work with other chambers locally, the RCR-Club and the Rotary Club to pool resources and to ensure we get good turnoutout for all the local events.


Group Members

Member's Name   Organization
Mr. Karl ST GEORGE Axcel Electronics Thailand Co., Ltd
Mr. Billy Popham -