Objectives: To promote the BCCT within the Western Seaboard, centered around Hua Hin, to recruit new members and to act as an interface for Western Seaboard members to interact and work with Bangkok Members.

Activities in 2023:
We organised and hosted 4 Multi Chamber Networking events in Hua Hin, with the largest event drawing over 85 guests and additionally over 90 guests to a seminar we run concurrently. We have recruited several new members. We have encouraged Western Seaboard members to actively attend Connecting Events in Bangkok and have supported with sharing of transportation to make it easier to get Members up to Bangkok.

We introduced a new style badge for the events to allow guests to identify members and non-members more easily, this has now been rolled out to all BCCT Events 

Plans for  2024

We have already had the first networking event in February, with the largest turnout of any event we have done so far. We have 3 other Networking events planned in May, August, and November, on the 1st Friday of the month. We plan to keep up the momentum and work with various Chambers and Local groups to ensure a high turnout and a good selection of new guests to the events.

We plan to introduce a new after event survey in May so we can fully understand guests reasons for going to the events and to understand if the event met their expectations so we can tailor events to be more focused on what guests want.

Based on the Success of the Tax Seminar, we are currently working on a Health and Wellness Seminar and the goal is to have 4 Seminars per year, so we will in total have 8 events per year.

If any members want to be more involved locally or have any suggestions on how we can support them, please do not hesitate to reach out me directly.

Chair – Western Seaboard

Group Members

Member's Name   Organization
Mr. Karl ST GEORGE ChairAxcel Electronics Thailand Co., Ltd
Mr. Billy Popham Vice Chair-