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  • to ascertain as far as possible the needs of the BCCT Members;

  • to clarify and define those needs;

  • to gather other relevant information;

  • To make recommendations for consideration by the Board of Directors;

  • wherever possible to represent the views of members and to reconcile them with the overall needs of the Chamber recognising that it is a membership organisation.

To achieve these objectives (or Terms of Reference) the BCCT Membership group will:

  • provide opportunities for interested parties to discuss the needs and expectations of members both informally and in a more formal process of gathering information;

  • arrange, encourage and support meetings and other events or processes with a focus on the BCCT Membership;

  • represent the needs and of members in whatever way and in whatever forum is deemed appropriate by the Board of Directors;

  • plan appropriate strategies to provide better support for Members of the BCCT and recommend the adoption of such policies to the Board of Directors.

Currently, the BCCT is undergoing a process to better identify the needs of members. When this process is completed the Membership Group will attempt to bring together all ideas and comments and formulate a series of proposals for discussion by the Board of BCCT.

It is likely that some proposals, whilst appearing to be sensible, will be in conflict with what can be achieved; some will be complicated and require approval either constitutionally or in principle at a future AGM; some may be outside the financial capabilities of the resources of the Chamber and therefore put the viability of the Chamber as a membership organisation at risk; and some will simply be too challenging to achieve within a relatively short space of time.

However the intention for the group is not to make changes, but to make recommendations for possible change that are both sensible and achievable. The process is intended to provide focus and generate discussion.

If you wish to share views and feedback on any aspect of your membership and BCCT services please contact Gareth Davies, at  or the BCCT Office.

Group Members

Member's Name   Organization
Mr. Gareth Davies ChairDDX