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Objectives: The goal of the SME working group is to meet on an every-other-month basis to find out how SMEs wish to engage with the chamber and propose to the BCCT Board and ED, some ways to improve the working relationships. SMEs are in a tricky place in Thailand, yet represent a larger percentage of the member base. As such, the working group is focused on engagement.

Unlike other working groups, the SME group’s meets regularly and anyone is welcome to attend. The events are then moderated, with proposals put forward for implementation.

Activities planned in 2022

•    Group Meeting (August)
•    Group Meeting (September)
•    Group Meeting (November)

Activities planned in 2023

•    Group Meeting (March)
•    Group Meeting (May)
•    Group Meeting (July)
•    Group Meeting (September)
•    Group Meeting (November)

Group Members

Member's Name   Organization
Mr. Gareth Davies ChairDDX