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Objectives: The goal of the BCCT Digital Technology Working Group is to inform and educate members of what’s happening in the world of modern technology, how changes in the technological landscape might affect them and their businesses, as well as how to utilise technology to progress. 

We try to keep the core DTG working group between 6-8 people in order to keep it focused, with guests and subject matter experts brought in as required.

Activities in 2022

•    BCCT Evening Panel Discussion on 2022 Digital Technology Essentials (February)
•    BCCT Multi-Chamber Hospitality Technology Evening (June)
•    BCCT Evening: Transform how your colleagues feel about working with you, through Digital technology (Sept)
•    Joint BCCT/AMCHAM Marcoms Evening: For Marketers, By Marketers (Sept)
•    Joint Event of AMCHAM Thailand and BCCT | Go Global, Enabling Cross Border (Oct)

Events Organised & Planned in 2023

•    BCCT/DCT/DIT INDUSTRY INSIGHT: Thailand's Thriving Start-up Sector (January)
•    DTG Briefing: Does Your Business Really Need an App? (February)
•    DTG Briefing: ChatGPT / AI (March)
•    DTG Briefing: Information Security (May)
•    BCCT/DTG/Multichamber: Gadget Night (June)
•    TBC - July
•    TBC - September
•    TBC - October
•    TBC – November

Group Members

Member's Name   Organization
Mr. Gareth Davies ChairDDX
Mr. Sawetchai Sirintawat PCS Security and Facility Services Limited
Ms. Nipapat Hamilton Biosci (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Mr. Maxime Schmitt Lexicon Business Communications
Mr. Bob Gallagher Appsynth Asia Co., Ltd.
Mr. Ridteeporn Andrew Kamthong MAQE Bangkok Co., Ltd.