1.    To rebuild the relationship between BCCT and the Thai government.
2.    To engage in public-private dialogue and private sector advocacy, and to influence government policies, laws, regulations, and administrative arrangements, which are or possibly affecting the business of BCCT members.
3.    To support advocacy activity opportunities in social, economic, and political, particularly in the Thai economy and Thai-UK trade, investment, and FTA negotiations.

Activities in 2023

1.    We have held meetings and sessions with several government agencies to raise and discuss on few key business issues which are affecting the business of BCCT members.  
2.    Have been working closely with the Department for International Trade from the UK on a bilateral economic and trade cooperation between the United Kingdom and Thailand (JETCO) to exchange business experience and knowledge (from the perspective of BCCT members) of UK and Thailand trade landscapes, investment packages, and domestic rules and regulations. Long-term gold is to increase two-way trade and investment between Thailand and the UK.

Event/Meeting Plan for 2024

1.    Quarterly Members Meeting: to update the regulatory landscape and upcoming trends in each particular business sector, including a discussion on ongoing business issues relevant to advocacy (discussion topics cover: tax, visa and immigration, sustainable finance, investment/ ease of doing business,).
2.    High-level government meeting: this year, AWG aims to request meetings with various ministries, including the Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Labour, Ministry of Tourism and Sports, Revenue Department, Excise Department, BOI, and Intellectual Property Department.
3.    Quarterly Business Luncheons with Government Representation: the committee intends to host quarterly business luncheons, inviting high-level government representatives. Agenda is as follows:
-    Q2-Q3/2024: June & August 2024: BCCT Business Luncheon.
-    Q4/2024: Nov 2024: Gala Dinner.

Group Members

Member's Name   Organization
Ms. Pinyapa Somphong ChairTWLS Company Limited
Mrs. Jantima Hiraga Pearson Education Indochina Co.,Ltd.
Ms. Khemika Ratanakul Diageo Moet Hennessy (Thailand) Limited
Ms. Somrasa Pongpermpruek GlaxoSmithKline (Thailand) Limited
Mr Tanva Mahitivanichcha Grant Thornton
Mr. Ibrahim Kocagoz PCS Security and Facility Services Limited
Ms. Saen Witthayaphatthanaphorn BCCT Policy ManagerBritish Chamber of Commerce Thailand