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Transport & Logistics

As Thailand has evolved into a regional hub for many industries, the country has moved quickly to develop its logistics and transportation systems in view of sourcing, producing and exporting which are expected to increase with the greater connectivity of ASEAN.
Despite the Government’s efforts to actively promote the transport industries through fiscal and financial incentives and encourage the private sector in infrastructure development, the regulatory framework for the provision and management of infrastructure services is complex and restrictions on foreign investment apply in all transport subsectors. Thailand will also have to move quickly to meet requirements for economic integration with ASEAN, set for 2015, with transport policy one of the key issues that will have to be addressed in the lead-up to the single market.

EABC Working Group on Transport & Logistics provides a business-driven platform for interactive discussion and formulation of consolidated positions on key issues facing operators and associated service providers in the transport & logistics sector in Thailand. With the aim to ultimately promote the long-term competitiveness of the transport & logistics industry and enhance Thailand’s attractiveness as the investment destination in this sector, EABC aims to leverage the European business know-how and expertise towards identifying and recommending practical solutions for clarification and further improvement of the Government policies affecting the transport & logistics industry and respective European business players. 

EABC therefore encourages Thailand to step up its efforts towards trade facilitation,promoting healthy competition on a level playing field and easing hindrances and unnecessary restrictions in the following key activities in the transport and logistics sector:
  • Market access
  • Customs and compliance
  • Air transportation
  • Maritime transport and ports
  • Domestic transport and warehousing
  • Cross-border transportation