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Intellectual Property Rights

Intellectual property (IP) has long been regarded as a significant drive for productivity improvement technology advancement, creativity, high-skilled employment and economic growth. Strong and effective IP protection is crucial for the innovation-stimulating investment climate and competitiveness. It also provides powerful incentive for firms to invest in generating new technology which generally takes long timespan to recoup the returns, involves high risks and is easy to copy.
The EABC Working Group on Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) provides a cross-sectoral, business-driven platform for interactive discussion and formulation of consolidated positions on key IP issues facing inventors, manufacturers and enterprises in Thailand. The IPR Working Group works in close coordination with other EABC Working Groups, particularly the Working Groups on Healthcare & Pharmaceutical and Food & Beverages.

Aiming towards strengthening of the legal framework and law enforcement to protect intellectual property rights in Thailand, key issues under discussion of the IPR Working Group include:
  • Legislative and regulatory reform aimed at combating counterfeiting and piracy, particularly with respect to:
    • Proposed Trademark Act amendment to address illegal refilling practices
    • Protection of IP right holders towards enforcing landlord liability provisions for the IPR infringements
  • Strengthening IP enforcement
  • Enhancing the IP system towards sustainability
    • Improvement of patent pendency
    • Protection of innovation and data exclusivity
  • Ensuring new and proposed regulations by the different government agencies do not impede on intellectual properties
    • Advocating for balanced regulations that fully comply with Thailand's international obligation, such as WTO - TRIPS agreement