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Food & Beverages

Food & Beverages is regarded as a key industry for both Thailand and Europe. The European Union is the world’s largest exporter and importer of food and beverages worldwide playing a key role in the world trade in agricultural products, food and beverages, as well as a significant market for Thai food and agriculture products.
Dubbed ‘Kitchen of the World’, Thailand with its abundant natural resources is the largest sole net food exporter in Asia. The country is one of the world’s largest producers of food products such as rice, canned tuna, frozen seafood, chicken and canned pineapple.

The EABC Working Group on Food & Beverages provides a business-driven platform for interactive discussion and formulation of consolidated positions on key issues facing food & beverages manufacturers and suppliers in Thailand.

With the aim to strengthen the competitiveness of the food & beverages industry as well to enhance Thailand’s attractiveness as the investment destination of choice in the sector, EABC aims to leverage the European business know-how and expertise towards identifying as well as making strategic recommendations for clarification and further improvement of the Government policies affecting the food & beverages industry and respective European business players.

Key issues under the WG discussion include:
  • Product approval of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
  • Excise tax and license fees
  • Customs valuation and procedures
  • Testing procedures for food and agricultural imports into Thailand, in particular with regard to SPS issues and import procedures
  • Consumer protection and refilling practices

Source: http://www.eabc-thailand.eu/advocacy/detail/98/food-beverages.htm