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Cross Sectoral Issues

The EABC Cross Sectoral Issues Working Group provides an effective advocacy forum for members to address common, across-business-sector policy and regulatory issues through the advocacy of European business interests to the relevant Thai authorities and counterparts.
The Working Group actively works on priority areas in which the improvement would meaningfully enhance Thailand’s ease of doing business and long-term competitive position.

Key issues under the Working Group discussion include:

Enhancing transparency in policymaking and the application of rules and regulations, in particular on:
  • Customs
  • Grey markets

Ease of doing business for improved business and economic efficiency
  • Competitive tax and investment promotion regime
  • Standards and conformity assessment
  • Efficient schemes of Free Trade Zones

Creating an enabling economic and regulatory environment
  • Greater access to market opportunities and a level playing field for European players, with focus on the services sector:
    • Relaxation of Foreign Ownership Restrictions/liberalisation of services sectors
    • Ease of restrictions to facilitate free movement of foreign skilled and unskilled workers
  • Sound economic and regulatory framework / effective engagement in regulated industries
    • Court system, resolution of disputes, and arbitration
With the aim to ultimately promote the long-term competitiveness and enhance Thailand’s attractiveness as the investment destination of choice and the potential gateway to ASEAN markets for European businesses, EABC aims to leverage the European business know-how and expertise towards identifying as well as making strategic recommendations to improve trade and investment climate in Thailand and to for further improvement of the Government policies affecting the European business players.