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Legal & Taxation

The Legal and Taxation Committee was formed in early 2012. Stephen Frost the current Chairman.

The purpose of the Committee is to advise and report to the Board of Directors of BCCT, the BCCT membership and others, concerning the law including taxation law and regulations of Thailand, including proposed changes in the law, the BCCT's constitution and activities, the convening of events, and to make representations to government and other entities.

Every year the Legal & Taxation Committee meets every two months. Discussions take place on many different and divergent issues including: 

- work permits and visas;

- employment law;

- company law;

- property law

- intellectual property law

- The Foreign Business Act and land ownership restrictions;

- taxation (including corporate tax, Vat, personal income tax, changes to tax allowances, inheritance tax, excise duty, taxation of e-commerce, and other matters);

- The Board of Inverstment and promotional incentives; and

- other issues of interest or potential interest to BCCT members

Every year events are organised on a wide range of subjects: 

- Visas and work permits

- taxation

- employment,

- and other subjects of interest to BCCT members.

Committee membership is open to any law firms or accountancy firms in Thailand, or to consumers of legal or accountancy services.

We co-operate with equivalent committees in the American, Australian and German Chambers of Commerce, and with other chambers, where a strategic approach to any particular issue is necessary. 


Group Members

Member's Name   Organization
Mr. Stephen Frost ChairmanICR (Thailand) Limited
Mr Andrew Wynne Price Sanond Limited
Mr. Picharn Sukparangsee Bangkok Global Law Offices Limited
Mr. Chris Thatcher Anglo-Thai Legal Co., Ltd.
Mr. Andrew McBean CXC Global (Thailand) Company Limited
Mr. Pardorn Suchiva RSM (Thailand) Limited
Mr. Rob Hurenkamp Mazars (Thailand) Ltd.