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UK Group

The BCCT UK Group was established on 7 February 2011 during a meeting at UKTI’s HQ in London.

I was elected as the first Chairman of the Group with a remit to:

  • Raise the BCCT’s UK profile;

  • Enhance UKTI’s ability to promote Thailand within the UK;

  • Provide a forum to discuss Thailand-related business activities;

  • Offer advice as necessary to the British Government;

  • Provide advice and assistance to BCCT members;

Unfortunately, media coverage of Thailand in the UK is not high and tends to focus on negative developments (ie political/security issues, accidents involving British nationals, the recent flooding etc). As such, stimulating new commercial interest in Thailand is difficult although during the course of the year I have attended a range of Asian/Thailand events and have also been invited to speak at number of Thailand briefings (ie Chambers of Commerce/Trade Associations potentially interested in bringing Trade Missions to Thailand (a regular occurrence on my arrival at the Embassy in Bangkok in 2005 but something of a rarity these days!), the FCO etc). I still enjoy excellent relations with the Royal Thai Embassy and have become a Committee member of the Anglo-Thai Society. Company requests have also been few and far between although I did represent the BCCT at a Tesco event promoting ThaiAgricultural/Food produce attended by the Minister of Commerce.