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This is a new group for 2017 which looks to best represent and serve the interests of manufacturing companies within the BCCT membership. Of the 40 or so members, around 9 companies have shown interest in being part of the Group and quarterly events are scheduled for 2017. Typically, existing BCCT groups focus on more services-related areas such as finance, tourism and legal issues. This Group intends to focus on issues particularly related to manufacturing and associated companies. The Group will also work in collaboration with colleagues and associated in other Groups like Infrastructure where this is some common interest

Meetings held by these groups will cover a wide range of subjects including 

  1. Visas and work permits
  2. Labour rates and conditions
  3. Union issues
  4. Customs duty changes and policy
  5. Thai BOI investment and support position
  6. Employment law and human resources
  7. Shipping and logistics issues 

Any member feeling that an SME specific group is needed is welcome to contact the BCCT to discuss this further.