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Eastern Seaboard (ESB)

Mission Statement: To serve the needs and promote the development of BCCT members on the Eastern Seaboard and, as ‘Partners in Progress’, contribute directly to the economic advancement of the Eastern Seaboard, which, in this case, are the provinces of Chonburi and Rayong 


(a) To promote trade, industry, investment and economic relations between the United Kingdom and Thailand, especially when pertaining to the Eastern Seaboard

(b) To assist members of the British Chamber of Commerce Thailand (BCCT) in the promotion of trade, industry, investment and economic relations between the United Kingdom and Thailand, especially when pertaining to the Eastern Seaboard

(c) To provide advice, ideas, and suggestions for BCCT members’ business interests on the Eastern Seaboard, in the field of trade, industry, insurance, investment and in other related matters and to provide a business forum for members to consult one another

(d) To compile news, information and statistics on trade in general, on industrial and commercial affairs, and on legal and financial matters worthy of interest, for distribution to members 

2016 started with BCCT Mark Bowling chairing the group and heading into 2016 with a number of initiatives to be put in place. Several diverse Business Briefings were scheduled, such as renewable energy efficiency and solar energy, however poor response meant they were postponed. An additional event ‘After Hours’ has proved to be successful towards the end of the year, as a more casual means to networking on the Eastern Seaboard.

The current group is: Mark Bowling - Platinum Property Group CO., Ltd, Dr. Iain Corness - Bangkok Hospital Pattaya, Mr. Pratheep S. Malhotra - Pattaya Mail Publishing Co., Ltd. There is a need for both manufacturing and SME’s to be represented and for events to be focused to the needs of the members based there. In November past BCCT Chairman Graham MacDonald was appointed an Honorary Advisor to the board in order to help develop the chamber’s Eastern Seaboard activity.

Currently 47 members of the BCCT are based on the Eastern Seaboard with a further 7 Bangkok companies having provincial offices in the area. 12 Monthly Networking events were held on the Eastern Seaboard all in conjunction with AMCHAM, AustCham and the SATCC. 12 Eastern Seaboard Group monthly reports highlighting the economic development of the region have been posted to date on the BCCT website in 2016. Events under discussion for the ESB in 2017 include:

1. A members night to ascertain feedback on how the BCCT on the Eastern Seaboard can better serve them
2. Panel Event focused on the needs of the Eastern Seaboard Industrial Sector
3. Dinner Event welcoming incoming British Ambassador to Thailand
4. An SME focused event
5. Business Briefings on economic and political updates
6. Training courses on the Eastern Seaboard in conjunction with the BCCT management development group
7. Factory Site visits
8. 4 x Quarterly After Hours Events