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BCCT/BeLuThai Webinar: Employment Law and COVID

BCCT, in cooperation with BeLuThai, hosted its latest webinar "Employment Law and COVID" on Friday 23rd July 2021. Our speaker Khun Wasantachai Watanavongvisudhi, Partner from ILCT Co.Ltd. covered several key points as follows:

  • Temporary and permanent closure of a business for economic reasons
  • Wage cuts – can an employer reduce wages for a short period or permanently, or postpone its obligation to pay wages?
  • Transferring an employee to another location
  • Temporary closing down of a business due to a government order
  • Suspending and dismissing an employee
  • Can an employer enforce working from home/gardening leave?
  • If an employee contracts COVID, is the employer bound to allow paid sick leave? And does the employer have to pay for medical treatment?

BCCT/BeLuThai Webinar: Employment Law and COVID

Meeting Recording:
Date and Time: 23 July 2021 03.00 PM

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