Bangkok Patana School

Chulalongkorn University Visitors




Visitors from Chulalongkorn University came to Bangkok Patana School to discuss differences in global curricula and our strategies for developing students to reach their individual potential. The group of visitors included 40 Masters and Doctoral Degree students, in addition to five professors, from the Faculty of Educational Management. Sharing best practices with the next generation of educational leaders encourages the development of improved educational systems within our local community, a goal that Bangkok Patana strives to help achieve.


Through their school tour, our visitors learned about how our school values are holistically integrated into our curriculum, our extra-curricular activities and our school environment as a whole. Visiting facilities such as the Foundation Stage classroom, Primary ICT computer rooms, Secondary Library, Secondary Science Centre, Design + Technology Labs and the Arts Centre, provided the group with an overview of how Bangkok Patana prioritises investing in resources that benefit student learning. Our School Management team is always glad to welcome visitors from local institutions, working together toward the development of education for all. Thank you to the Faculty of Educational Management, Chulalongkorn University for spending your time with us!