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Thailand & UK - Partners in Progress

BCCT aims to foster partnerships and strengthen ties between Thailand and the UK. Activities are dedicated to building networks, connecting business and creating opportunities for members. Our focus is on serving the needs and facilitating opportunities for our members. The BCCT has a seat on the Board of Trade of Thailand and is active in representing members' interests.

Membership is open to companies and individuals of all nationalities.



Ordinary persons or juristic entities who are registered as traders.


Ordinary persons who are registered as traders. Applicants should note that the individual members are not entitled to nominate an alternative or pass membership to another representative of that company on their departure. According to Thai law an individual member must be British or foreign (other than Thai) nationality.


Ordinary persons or juristic entities who are qualified for ordinary membership but do not wish or can not be categorized as a Corporate Member e.g. Law firms, Accountants, etc.

Overseas Subscriber:

Persons or companies not resident or established in Thailand.


Eligible to UK SMEs only.


Bangkok Metropolitan Region (BMR)

Joining Fee* - THB 7,000 (plus VAT @7%)

Annual Membership Fee - THB 21,000 p.a. (plus VAT @ 7%)

*New members who paid a one time joining fee receive vouchers worth THB 7,000 (plus VAT) for use as entry tickets to BCCT monthly networking evenings

Thailand Eastern Seaboard

Joining Fee* - THB 2,000 (plus VAT @7%)

THB 15,750 (plus VAT @7%)

Thailand Upcountry

THB 10,500 (plus VAT @7%)

Overseas Subscriber

THB 10,500 (plus VAT @7%)


THB 10,500 (plus VAT @7%)


THB 9,000 (plus 7% VAT) for Bangkok

THB 6,000 (plus 7% VAT) for Upcountry/Eastern Seaboard

Joining BCCT - Download 2020 Membership Application Forms: