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Half-Day Thai Language Workshop on Accounting (free-featured)

This event occurs in the past This event occurs in the past.
Date & Time: 22-Dec-2017 09:30  
Location: The Bangkok Club, 28th Floor, Sathorn City Tower, Sathorn (nearest BTS station: Chong Nonsi exit 2 and walk for 10 minutes)
Member Cost: THB 0.00
Non-member Cost: THB 0.00


*** The seminar will be conducted in Thai. Please click HERE for event detail in Thai language.  *** 

BCCT members are cordially invited to a BCCT Half-Day Thai Language Workshop on Accounting on Friday 22 December at Sathorn City Tower. 

As we approach the financial year-end for the majority of BCCT member companies, Mazars will hold a refresher seminar on the key concepts of Thai Financial Reporting Standards (‘TFRS’) for Non-Publicly Accountable Entities (‘NPAEs’) and also provide insight into the expected changes in 2018, with the issuance of TFRS for Small and Medium Enterprises (‘SMEs’).
This seminar will examine in detail the key current and future requirements that will impact your company’s financial reporting. 

Who should attend: Accounting Managers / Financial Controllers – i.e. those responsible for financial reporting 

Who needs to follow these standards: All ‘NPAE’ and ‘SME’ companies, which represent around 90% of all companies in Thailand. (See definition below)

Event detail:

Date: Friday 22nd December 2017 

Time: 9.00 am registration, seminar from 9.30 am until 12.00 pm 

Where: The Bangkok Club, 28th Floor, Sathorn City Tower, Sathorn Road (nearest BTS station: Chong Nonsi exit 2 and walk for 10 minutes) map

Cost: free of charge but pre-online booking is required. 

Seminar Facilitators :

  • Wannawat Hemachayart (CPA), Audit Partner 
  • Waraporn Jarukitcharoon, Accounting Director
  • Tippawan Pumbansao (CPA), Audit Director 
  • Penphak Nonthapa (CPA), Audit Manager 

Which accounting topics will the seminar cover? 
- Presentation of Financial Statements; 
- Accounts receivable; 
- Inventory; 
- Plant and equipment investment; 
- Employee benefits;
- Intangible assets; 
- Leases; and 
- Outlook for TFRS for SMEs

What is an NPAE? 
NPAEs are Non-Publicly Accountable Entities. NPAEs are all companies which are not: 
1. Entities that have their equity securities and debt securities publicly traded. 
2. Entities that have to submit their financial statements to SEC, SET or other government units for the reason of publication of their marketable securities. 
3. Entities that are governed by specific legislation, like Banks, Insurance, Securities, mutual funds and other financial institutions. 
4. Public companies. 

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