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Subject 23/1 - BCCT Monthly TechTalk - Green Tech

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BCCT Monthly TechTalk - Green Tech
Explore Sustainability & Climate Technology with BCCT's 4th TechTalk – Jan 23rd, 12 noon - 1pm

Get ready for BCCT's latest tech deep dive! The BCCT Digital Technology Group is excited to invite you to our fourth TechTalk, scheduled for January 23rd, from 12 noon to 1 pm. This enlightening examination of the intersection between Sustainability and Technology will be happening live on Zoom.

In this upcoming session, we'll be exploring:

  • Current state of Green Tech and sustainability trends local and global
  • How companies can measure and improve their environmental impact
  • Changing regulations and how these will affect Thai companies
  • Using digital platforms to engage employees in sustainability initiatives
  • Emerging technologies that hold significant promise for the future

This month, we're excited to have Sustainability experts James Moore, CEO of Wave Exponential PCL, and Nattinee (Dora) Sae Ho, CEO of Thrive Venture Builder, join our esteemed in-house panel comprising Gareth Davies, Bob Gallagher, Andrew Kamthong, Jan Jones and Alex Hayden-Gilbert.

Navigating through the labyrinth of technology can often be daunting. Our free monthly Online Technology Clinic, however, is here to guide you like a lighthouse in the storm.

You'll have the opportunity to pitch your most complex tech-related problems and queries to some of the brightest minds in the industry. 

Have a question? Feel free to pre-submit it using this form:, drop us an email, or send it to us live during the webinar.

Just click this booking link HERE, grab a cup of coffee, get cosy in your chair, and join us on this enlightening journey. A zoom link will be sent to you directly one day before the event date.  

Don't miss this exciting opportunity to decode the tech enigma with BCCT TechTalks. Together, let's delve into the world of technology!