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Dining Highlights at Rossini’s
Black Summer Truffle and Sicily’s Secret Recipes

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Bangkok, June – From July to September, Executive Chef Gaetano draws on his rich food heritage, infusing it with modern techniques and a natural flair for creative plating, to produce distinctly contemporary menus of black summer truffle and Sicily’s secret recipes.

In July and August, Chef Gaetano will delight diners with his exceptional black summer truffle recipes.  Highlights from his creative menu of modern Italian cuisine includes angus beef carpaccio with spring summer salad and black truffle, ravioli of buffalo ricotta and nettle, egg yolk and black truffle and Australian roasted lamb loin herb crust with hazelnut, Castelmagno cheese fondue and black truffle.

In September, Sicilian food lovers are in for a treat with our Executive Chef Gaetano’s native cuisine to experience. Discover dishes such as Sicilian red prawn, lemon curd and mullet, traditional maccheroni with sardine and bread crumb and grilled wild sea bass, and cod tripe in plankton marino with Chef Gaetano’s special secret recipes.

Discover the gourmet buried treasure unearthed with Chef Gaetano’s authentic black summer truffle in July and August and his secret recipes from Sicily in September at Rossini’s. 

Rossini’s is the first restaurant to offer “horizontal” wine tasting with labels from its award-winning wine list. You can now enrich your dining experience with our sommelier’s personal selection of wines from different wineries.   

Designed in the style of a Tuscan villa, Rossini’s is an enchanting setting for an extraordinary meal of distinctly modern Italian cuisine. Our authentic dishes can also be enjoyed in an intimate private room; the perfect venue for a relaxed lunch with friends or business colleagues.

The Grande Club, SPG members and BCCT members enjoy privileges.

For more information please contact 02 6498364 or email

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